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Epitropic Fibre
Epitropic fibre consists of carbon particles embedded in the surface of polyester fibre. When blended with regular fibres, it confers static conductivity to textile fabrics – usually, although not exclusively, manufactured using nonwoven technology.

Epitropic fibre is supplied packed into cartons, each containing 20kg.
Packaging details; Gross weight 21.9kg
Dimensions 680mm x 415mm x 430mm

  Electrical resistance of Epitropic fibre is 10 – 100 Megohms/cm
  Approximately 1% Epitropic fibre prevents discomfort from static in everyday clothing and carpets
  2% – 5% Epitropic fibre is necessary in fabrics for industrial filters and safety workwear
  Resistivity is approximately 1 – 100 Megohms/sq but is dependent on the fabric and its construction

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Quality approved conductive, anti static, carbon impregnated polyester fibres

BTTG member producing conductive, anti static, carbon impregnated Polyester fibres

OHSAS quality approved conductive, anti static, carbon impregnated polyester fibres

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